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EdFringe Review Narin Oz: Addicted to Love


I give this show all the stars

This is my first and only review of this year's Edinburgh Fringe. Am I qualified the review shows? Probably not. Does that stop anyone else? No. But I was asked, so here goes.

Last Wednesday I took a chance on Narin Oz’s Addicted to Love. The show is in a car that does not move but it is indeed a ride. A ride I recommend you all take. It is 30 minutes into the heart of darkness; you are driven from your head and taken into hers. I particularly recommend this show to anyone of you miserable lonely comics who are desperate for a meaningful romantic relationship. I say comics for two reasons: 1. In August 3 out of 5 people in the city of Edniburgh are comics. 2. 75% of comics lack the life skills necessary to provide even minimal emotional support to a partner; so your singleness is probably well earned. That said, Narin will quickly remind you of the worst relationship you have ever been in, and you will thank whoever you pray to for your single status (so everyone wins). I mean this as a compliment to her and her commitment to the character she plays. She will show you how love and obsession can be as close as two fat people in the back of a compact car. She will also get very close to you.

Having never picked up a lady of night for her to perform her sex business in a car (hand to my heart), it did feel a bit seedy and very public, but that’s excatly what Narin wants. She takes you out of your comfort zone and forces your interaction with the show. You are part audience and part captive. Most of the show I was trying to figure out if this is just a show or it was real, which means it was a great show (or Narin really needs a doctor, but I say it was a great show).

Get in the car, get involved, and be happy you're single.

Narin Oz: Addicited to Love

C venues South Side (the little blue car with a crazy woman in it)

2pm-5pm 20min

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