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“Fearless.  He is phenomenal.  A powerhouse….Brave and brutally funny.”  Kate Copstick  The Scotsman


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“Equal parts terrifying and brilliant.”  Rob Cureton  Orful Comics


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“Near the mark…tempered with a likeably gentle delivery…one to savour.”  Sarah Richardson  Three Weeks


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He is a storyteller, political satirist with the willingness to venture into the absurd, Luke Capasso approaches comedy head on and full speed ahead. Celebrating the humor that he finds most true to himself; Capasso’s personal tales of triumph and utter defeat are decorated with sarcasm.  With his deadpan style, Capasso’s jokes and stories encompass the trials of life as a young father, his years in the military, love, the inevitable loss and his small town American roots.  Luke kick­started his career on the London, UK circuit and after completing his 4th solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival he is back performing in the good ‘ol US of A. Now he can be seen regularly performing at top Midwestern clubs. 


In his first year of comedy Luke won the London Comedy Store’s Gong Show and was a finalist in the Laughing Horse New Act of Year, Amused Moose New Act of the Year, and the Romford New Act of Year competitions.   


Luke also writes and creates a wide variety of video content.  With subjects ranging from historical mocumentaries, film reviews, and just surreal nonsense.


He is currently working on a couple other TV projects not worth mentioning just in case they don’t air. 

Luke also has a Master in Media Communication and produces commercials, and ad campaigns, for a variety of businesses.  


As seen of MTV, heard  on  BBC Radio,  Provided Content and Performed for Channel 5's Furious and Funny as well as a few failed TV pilots for Dave and ITV.


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